A diet is considered well balanced if it has good amount of protein, carbs & fat. As part of your daily diet you need to include good amount of Carbohydrates (45-65%), Protein (10-35%), Fat (20-35%), and plenty of Water. We suggest you have 6 meals (3 major + 3 small) in a day, which will help keep your metabolic rate high as well as keep you active.

Apart from following a balanced diet, it is important to do some physical activity e.g. walking, running, swimming, dance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whatever physically activity you choose, you need to make it a part of your daily routine so that it keeps you energetic & healthy.

low-calorie diet

Basically to get into the your Ideal Body Weight, the diet plan should not only conisder your weight and height only but also other health parameters like your food preference, your daily nutrition requirement, your lifestyle and many more.

Gonutrygo Weight loss programs are based on yogic philosophy of three well- balanced, nutritional meals a day along with 2 to 3 healthy snacks.  Each program is customized to your food habits, medical condition and fitness levels making it easier for you to follow and see results. The diet is based on Recommended Daily Dietary (RDA) intake that stabilizes the nutrition intake and exercise which helps burn the excess calories in the system. You get assured of losing weight of around 4-5 kg a month along with good inch loss without starving yourself.

The unique part of this program is that even the exercise routine that is customized to your fitness levels and workout routine preference for eg: whether you wish to workout at gym, outdoor or home. Exercise routine is a combination of different exercise techniques for example: plyometrics, strength training, cardio, endurance training,interval training, isometrics etc. It’s a high-intensity circuit training program that includes first warm-up then strengthening exercises and at last stretching.


To make your food experience better we ensure the diet is not monotonous and consists of different cuisines (like Punjabi, South Indian, Gujrati, Bengali, Continental, Italian & other international/domestic cuisines). We even support the foodie in you by sharing different healthy recipes to help you enjoy your program in a healthy way. The program doesn’t deal with any of the medicines, pills and neither exotic foods or crash diet. It is 100% natural based on natural foods, vegetables, poultry/fish and dairy products available to you. Instead we help our clients to lose weight and be healthy by providing them a nutrient based plan as per your requirement.
The plan is very flexible. For eg: we will give you options to eat-out, plan your diet when you’re travelling and if you don’t like certain foods we will substitute them with other options too..