Many people wonder why they need a pre-workout supplement or a snack. The fact is that a pre-workout is one of the fuel-boosting type which is essential to achieve your fitness and training goals and helps you to train at your full potential. The extreme focus and intensity a pre-workout gives you will allow you to lift beyond your comfort zone in the gym and break through plateaus so that it can live up to the intensity that your mind demands of it.

As a general rule, the pre-workout nutritional regimen should be broken down into two phases. The first phase consists of having a meal two to three hours before working out while the second phase takes place 15 to 30 minutes before hitting the gym and consists of supplements or snacks that you will consume to further fuel your workout.


Lets see the science behind the intake of pre-workout! Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue. Without pre-workout snacks/supplements, which works as to fuel your workout, muscle tissue gets converted into glucose to provide the energy your body need, which isn’t ideal — whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose weight. This breakdown can negatively impact your metabolism and might even lead to injury and fatigue. The other negative consequence of improper pre-workout nutrition is that , your intensity and strength capacity suffer as a consequence, you’re unable to push yourself to the limit, leading to a dull performance in the gym.

For the good results one should basically concentrate on the key elements required while choosing a pre-workout snacks/supplements. So what are the key elements? Lets find this below:untitled-3

Energy – One of the most important things a pre-workout should do is to provide you with the energy you need to do the workout and be active throughout your workout.

Performance– A good pre-workout will be formulated with ingredients that will help people gain lean muscle and increase strength and helps to prevent muscle fatigue.

Pump– A pump happens when the body sends more blood into the muscles that are to be trained. Those muscles need blood to supply with oxygen and nutrients, and remove waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. A pre-workout should contain ingredients that enhance blood flow and nitric oxide production to allow for a better pump

So chosse a pre-workout that will help you to provide energy, fuel up your body which will help you achieve your goal. In the next session lets read about the nutrients and their role in considering it as a pre-workout.