In India people do lots of crazy things to lose weight. They start believing all the myths when it comes to lose weight.  Nutrition is a basic pre-requisite to sustain life. A diet consisting of foods from several food groups provides all the required nutrients in proper amounts makes you feel happy mentally and physically which indirectly helps you stay healthy and disease-free.


Over the years, scientist and nutritionists had found a number of strategies a person should follow to lose weight on longer terms that seems to be effective and feasible.  Here are some tips that one should follow to lose weight:

  • Nutritious meals: Eat a healthy balanced meal as it plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy life.
  • Check your portion size: Avoid over-eating to prevent obesity and overweight. Keep an eye on the calorie intake and the portion size. One can manage portion control by using  small plates instead.
  • Less Intake of Oil/Fat: Ensure moderate use of edible oils and very less use of butter/ghee/vanaspati. As 1 gm of fat gives you 9 kcal.
  • Intake of Fruits & Vegetables: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Go for seasonal fruits & veggies.
  • Yo-Yo diets: Mono- or crash- diets (yo-yo diets) are not healthy diets. These diets are for temporary basis and makes a person feel weak as they are devoid of nutrients.
  • Healthy Food Combination: Food combination plays a very role in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. For eg. Mixing dal/pulses along with cereals completes the protein; eating protein along with fibre will help you to lose weight easily and provides you satiety value.
  • Nutritional/Food Label: Read the nutritional label and ingredients of every food item before buying. Do check with the ingredients, preservatives, trans fatty acids, cholesterol, sodium, etc along with  the expiry dates.
  • Healthy Sweet Substitutes: Swap your sweets or junk cravings with nuts & seeds, fruits, yogurt or healthy beverages like tender coconut water/plain lemon water or water.

Plan A

  • Have Healthy  Snacks: Have healthy snacks to help you curb your unhealthy cravings. And also one should include snacks in between the major meals as it will make you feel full for longer and will help you from not eating much.
  • Let the bite get’s over: Chew your food before going for another bite. As it will help you get the healthy signals from brain that when you are full for the meal.
  • Eat Breakfast: Breakfast is a healthy meal to start-up your day as it gives a kick to your metabolism.
  • Check your salt & sugar Intake: Limit your salt and sugar (artificial sweeteners too) intake. As salts are known to retain your body water which will tip your scales upward. Sugars are known to increase weight as they are simple carbohydrates  and leads to increase your hunger pangs.
  • Include Complex Carbs & Fiber: Include more healthy carbs like whole grains, millets, multigrain, brown rice, etc as they are rich in fibre and other nutrients. Fiber is known to reduce fat and will help you stay full for longer.
  • Eat frequent small meals: Avoid long gaps between meals as it will lead to overeating.
  • Keep an eye on your meals: Always keep a check on how and what you eat. How it’s prepared and is it healthy or not.
  • Be smart: Be always a smart selector while filling up your plate. For eg; much of protein and fiber should be added in your plate than fat. Avoid the use of processed foods rich in salt, sugar and fats.


  • Healthy market substitutes: Offer plain yogurt topped with fruits instead of fruit flavored yogurts. While going for masala oats/upma prepare them in your home itself with the home ingredients. They take the same time almost.
  • Eat Salad: Always start your meal with a salad packed with veggies, to help you control hunger and feel satisfied sooner.
  • Eat-Out Options: In a restaurant, order foods that do not have creamy sauces or gravies. Order the sauce or gravies as a side dish and not over the food.
  • Avoid Refined Wheat Flour/Products: Ask for a whole wheat /multigrain bread/flour for sandwiches or phulkas.
  • Avoid Desserts: Choose fruits for dessert most often.
  • Go for variety: Variety of food is not only the spice of life but also the essence of nutrition and health.
  • Do Interval Training: Interval training means a mix of cardio & functional training like running, cycling, side-bends, etc which help you boost your metabolism and burn your calories in terms of fat.
  • Do Weight Training: Weight training helps you to maintain your muscle mass and further strengthens your muscle.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Drink at least 2-3 L a day and keep your metabolic rate high throughout the day.
  • Get 6-8 hours of sleep: One should sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day . Lack of sleep generally leads to midnight snacking and also it disturbs the body functionality.


When it comes to lose weight, don’t think of dieting. Focus on nourishing your body through the above mentioned tips  instead of depriving from the  nutrients.