Many people go for a low-calorie or a low-carb diet or follow a mindless myths to lose weight. But as a nutritionist I suggest my clients to eat, live happy and stay focused. One should not deprive from the nutrients but that doesn’t mean that you should not enjoy your the cheat meal . Cheating a meal once or twice in a week helps you stay healthy mentally and physically and hence you will enjoy the ongoing diet process lifelong. Don’t punish yourself from not consuming your favorites, as then it will lead you to crave for more which indirectly leads to unhealthy snacking or you will end up with your dieting.


Enjoy your each bite mindfully so that you can easily keep an eye on what you are consuming (calorie intake) and how much you are consuming (portion size). When a person gets obese or overweight then he/she realizes to lose weight but generally ends up unsuccessfully. The reason behind these are the lack of knowledge.

Here is a incident that I had with one of my client when she was planning to join me.She said that, “ I always use to check what I eat and how much. In every meal she was counting the calories she consumed. And she was very particular with her graph. She gets stressed with the scale gets upwards. And whatever she consumes she thinks about it a lot. “

I only asked her to enjoy what she is eating rather than thinking and calculating, as being so thoughtful and getting tensed or stressed do let you weigh more and that is why you end up with the dieting so easily. It’s true to check the portion size and calories. But if you eat balanced meals then the calories you will get will be the nutritious calories that will fullfill your body requirements. For eg.; 1 bowl of ice-cream might be equal to 1 plate Indian thali in terms of calories but when we compare both then ice-cream will give you sugar with unhealthy calories that will lead you to gain weight whereas an Indian Thali will provide you fiber along with protein and healthy fat; that is what, we call a healthy balanced meal.

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One can lose weight and live a healthy life if you enjoy each part of your every meal and activity, stay stress-free and include some exercises. Go for vacations, try some different varieties and cuisine in your diet. Go for smart shopping and don’t end up buying the same list all the time. Generally we end-up buying few vegetables or fruits but do explore the market to buy new and healthy foods along with seasonal foods. Always read the  nutritional labels as in the food-industry you might end-up buying a food with a name of  “low-fat” or “zero-sugar” or “fat-free” food but they do contain other ingredients that substitutes sugar or salt or fat which might not be healthy.


One of the biggest problem with diets like crash-diet or yo-yo diets almost never works in the long term. Instead of going for such diets, make your goal to become healthier, fitter and happy by nourishing your body through nutrients rather than depriving it.