To lose weight in a healthier way one should  burn more calories than you consume. It sounds so easy. But anyone who had  tried to drop even  a kg knows that losing weight is not so easy  as it sounds. We can help you set attainable targets without depriving you from the  nutrients that will help you to lose weight and stay healthy.


1)     Setting your weight loss goal – How much do you want to weigh? Figure out what you really want to achieve. Is it a certain number of kg ? Be specific and realistic with the needs and requirement. Then only you can plan accordingly.

2)     Find your problem areas – In order to lose weight, you have to figure out what made you gain it in the first place. Are you an evening snacker? Do you find the lunchroom or doughnuts at work irresistible? Or is the walk across your house the most exercise you get in a day? Or you drink less water a day?

3)     Don’t skip Breakfast – A good nutritious breakfast gives you a kickstart to your metabolism and also provides energy, promotes brain activity and helps you lose weight as you will be craving less for the unhealthy snacks. If you skip breakfast you might not make up for the nutrients missed for the day.

4)     Get Active – Physical activity is an important part of managing body weight. Being physically active can help you achieve a healthy weight and prevent excess weight gain.

5)     Focus on nutrients instead of caloriesBuilding a healthier plate can help you meet your nutrient needs and maintain your weight. To move to a healthier weight, you need to make smart choices from every food group. Go for the quality rather than the quantity to meet your nutrients.

Vitamin and Fitness diet, green grass

6)     Get enough sleepSleep is essential for a person’s health and well being. One should get seven to eight hours of sleep each day.

7)     Eat fresh fruits & vegetablesFruits and vegetables are great sources of many essential vitamins and minerals, fiber and other natural substances that are important for good health. Go for seasonal and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

8)     Keep yourself hydrated – Water is essential for keeping the body hydrated and it also takes up space in your stomach so you’ll feel fuller while taking in fewer calories. And also helps you maintain your metabolism.

10 Tips to Achieve your weight loss goal


Be realistic, be practical and specific that by making healthy changes in your life, you’ll live it in greater health and for longer. There are no magic diet tricks or foods to lose weight. Well-planned weight-loss goals keep you focused and motivated lifelong.