Generally I hear saying that  we lose weight (fat loss) quickly but put it back on just as easily. The reason behind losing weight so quickly is because of following a kind of yo yo diet. Also many people think of spot reduction like belly fat, tummy fat, obliques, etc  than considering the overall body fat. There is no such spot reduction. To lose weight one has to be dedicated and honest towards the diet and workout. Disciplined lifestyle helps you to stay healthy for a long time.


A good diet with lots of varieties is important for weight loss. The diet should be nutritious, well balanced in the right proportion, combination and at the right time. Here is a sample diet for weight loss for a female or a male can follow easily. It can also be used by a diabetic or in other conditions also like for healthy heart. But for  a customized  plan I would suggest you to join our 15 days free trial “”  

Early Morning 1 Glass Detox Water#
Few Soaked Nuts
Breakfast 1 Stuffed Roti/ 1 Bowl Oats Porridge#
Mid-Morning 1 Fruit
Lunch 1-2 Roti/1 Cup Rice#
1 Cup Seasonal Vegetable#
1 Cup Dal/Curd#
1 Bowl Salad#
Evening 1 Multigrain sandwich/ 1 Fruit/ 2-3 digestive biscuits#
1 Cup Green Tea#
Dinner 1 Roti#
1 Bowl Vegetable#
1 Bowl Salad#
Bed Time 2 Triphala Capsule


  • Drink water atleast 2 – 2.5 L a day.
  • Use multigrain flour or brown rice
  • Say no to Fruit juice. Switch to a whole fruit.
  • The last meal should be taken before 2 hours of sleep.
  • Do some brisk walk after each major meal.
  • Use sugar or salt sparingly.
  • Use low-fat milk and its products.


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